Edi Wang


Self Introduction

I am a professional ASP.NET and Web developer in a financial institution. My job is to deliver online purchase and account management capabilities for millions of users with pre-paid credit cards in United States. I also do Windows and Windows IoT development as hobby besides my job. I started programming for Windows Phone in 2014, and published 12 free Apps without any Ads. The 'Shanghai Metro' App was a great success, it became the best Shanghai metro App on the Windows Phone market. Now, as the ship of Windows 10, I migrated my previous Windows Phone Apps to the Universal Windows Platform Apps, and created altogether 26 Apps.

Contacting Me


Feel free to email me anything about this website Edi.Wang@outlook.com

To exchange friend links, please refer your site's name and link in the email.

This is the personal blog of Edi Wang. It's an ASP.NET MVC blog system that was developed all alone by Edi Wang.

The project started at June 2008, and the first version came online at July 2009, after serveral major updates, it's now fast and reliable.

Technology & Architecture


Microsoft Azure Web Apps

Data & Storage

Microsoft Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage


Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5

The Journey of Edi.Wang


When I was in junior middle school, I was so interested in computer technologies. I studied ASP programming by myself and built my first personal website: HackerInn. This site provides cyber security information and showcase my works.

By 2005, when I entered high school, due to busy school study, I don't have enough time to continue working on my site. As a result, HackerInn was faded out of the Internet.


After college entrance examination, I planned to build a brand new personal website for demostrating my works. The new site was based on entire new technologies comparing to previous version.

  1. Use Windows Aero style as visual design, make the website looks gorgeous.
  2. Use XHTML + CSS as a replacement for table layout. By targeting latest browser standards, the page loads much faster.
  3. Use ASP.NET + C# as framework and language of development. Improve significantly on both functionality and security.

After one year development, the website finally came online in July 2009.


July.2011. New design comes out. Clean and unified looks and feels makes it easier to browse, RSS and SEO were also improved. The new website also dropped support for IE6.0 and added some CSS3 features.

May.2012, The website theme was changed to facebook.

July.2012 - Finished development of EdiBlog 7.0. The website was renamed to "diaosbook", it's the first version using ASP.NET MVC.


2013 - The website was redesigned using HTML5 and optimized for cloud hosting and mobile devices.

2015 - Started migration to new domain name: edi.wang, and change UI to English in order to get rid of some silly B visitors.

Terms of Use

All the posts from this blog are authorized to be forwarded or reposted, but please remain author's name and the original link.

Is this blog system open source?

No, it won't be open source now and still won't in the future. However I am ok to share some part of source code with very close friends.

Why this blog use English as UI language? Is it zhuangablitiy?

I use English for my blog is just to get rid of some very low-B visitors. They used to post assulting and ball-aching comments very often.

Do you have girl friend(s)?

Of course! You gauys won't be able to abuse my dog any more!!!

Who is Linustd, and why you fuck him?

Linustd is a giant Silly-B who is keen on assulting Microsoft developers.
His mouth is full of shit, his asshole is owing to be fucked sky high.
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