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Shanghai Metro

为Windows 10精心设计的2016版上海地铁(三方) 功能:查询1-16号线运营线路;各站点首末班车时间、出入口、卫生间、无障碍电梯、站层图、街区图、附近公交、是否能办理交通卡退卡、移资业务;查看官方原版地铁线路图;查询上海交通卡余额;查找附近的地铁站

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Image Portray

帮助学习绘画的用户描绘图片。调整图片透明度并用压感笔、触控或鼠标描绘图片。仅保存你的墨迹,看起来就像是你画的一样 :)

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Character Map UWP

Character Map, in UWP, only better! It also allows you to copy the selected character to XAML code and FontIcon, and also export the character into high resolution PNG file. it's good for UWP development.

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