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How to Manage Azure App Service in IIS Manager (inetmgr)

The website we created on Azure seems can be only managed in the web portal or in the Server Explorer of Visual Studio. If we would like to use IIS to manage more powerful scenarios, seems VM is the only way. But that's not true. First, the IIS comes with Windows 8.1 can't connect to Azure by default. We need to install an extension After install. …

IIS Azure

浦发网银插件导致Surface Pro 3不断蓝屏的解决办法

安装浦发网银插件后,Windows 8.1 64位版的系统在部分机器上一开机就蓝屏,比如Surface Pro 3,蓝屏消息是: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 这通常是驱动问题导致的。连续启动失败2次后,Windows 8.1会自动进入高级启动,可以用安全模式进系统WINDBG一下dump文件,发现是一个叫peckp_x64.sys的驱动爆的。这个驱动是浦发银行网银插件的一部分,是用来保护键盘输入的,也就是防止键盘记录的盗号木马,但是和Surface Pro 3的驱动冲突,所以导致开机蓝屏。 解决办法如下: 1. 将Windows 8.1启动到安全模式,Surface Pro 3的bitlocker recovery key可以用一台能翻墙的电脑到 里去找。 2. 在控制面板,程序和功能里,按正常办法卸载浦发插件。 3. …

Surface BSOD Drivers