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How to Make Circular Avatar in Windows 10 UWP

Once upon a time, all user's avatar used to be square. Since Apple's design, now a lot of apps and websites would use a circular avatar instead of a squre one. This is how we used to make square avatar: Starting from Windows 10, Microsoft became the biggist Apple fans, so they changed avatars to circular in Windows system. So how can we make one in XAML without acutally cropping the …

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Windows 10 UWP开发:支持异步的全局异常处理和堆栈信息

我们写UWP应用的时候难免遇到未处理的异常,不然你的应用就会在用户面前闪退,非常没有逼格。然而Windows.UI.Xaml.Application的UnhandledException事件里面有个巨坑,就是它不能处理async异步方法里的异常。注释里也没提到这回事: // // Summary: // Occurs when an exception can be handled by app code, as forwarded from a native-level // Windows Runtime error. Apps can mark the occurrence as handled in event data. public event UnhandledExceptionEventHandler UnhandledException; 处理全局异常确实 …

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