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GY-30 (BH1750FVI) Light Sensor with Windows 10 IoT

I purchased a GY-30 light sensor recently, this model is also known as "BH1550FVI". There seems no sample for this sensor on Windows 10 yet, so I tried to make one. The light sensor looks like this: My board is a Raspberry Pi 3, the GPIO layout is shown in this table: Because GY-30 is an I2C device, so we can not use GPIO to drive it directly, we must use the I2C ports. In addition, …

Windows 10 UWP IoT Raspberry Pi

Windows 10 IoT开发:UWP应用调用关机和重启命令

UWP通常是没有让设备关机和重启的权限的。但是在Windows 10 IoT Core中是有办法实现的。安装Windows 10 Iot Core之后默认启动的那个欢迎页面右上角是有关机和重启按钮的。其实就是个UWP,它的源代码在:https://github.com/ms-iot/samples/tree/develop/IoTCoreDefaultApp  分析源代码可以发现,关机和重启是通过ShutDownManager这个class实现的。 #region Assembly Windows.System.SystemManagementContract, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, ContentType=WindowsRuntime // C:\Program Files (x86)\ …

Windows 10 UWP IoT

Azure Remote Controlled Light with Windows 10 IoT Core

For those who have watched the "Big Bang Theory", you would probably remember that those physicists build an Internet controlled lamp. The signal send from their laptop traveled around the world and come back to their house to light up the lamp. Now, with Windows 10 IoT Core and Microsoft Azure, we could also achieve the same thing on a Raspberry Pi 3. First, I strongly recommend you to read …

Azure Windows 10 IoT Raspberry Pi