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Windows 10 UWP: Undo / Redo Ink with Surface Dial

The Surface Dial is the first wheel device in a new input device class. I got my hand on one as soon as it came to market in China. I have a UWP App named "Image Portray", as a drawing app that can make use of the Surface Dial. One of it's useful application to undo / redo the ink by turning the Surface Dial. You can download it from Windows Store these days to see the changes. So, let's begin …

UWP Surface Dial

Windows 10 UWP: Undo / Redo on InkCanvas

The InkCanvas in UWP only got pens by default, it can not perform Undo or Redo. To implement this, we will need to code for ourselves. Official document covered Undo functionalilty, but not redo. Today, I have successfully done it, and I'd like to share with you. First, you need to add two custom buttons on the InkToolbar for Undo / Redo 1. Undo the Ink We need a few APIs. To …

Stack UWP InkCanvas

Remote Deploy and Debug UWP Apps

These days I am developing an App that need to be tested on multiple languages environment. I can set my local dev box to different language, and restart or sign out / sign in to Windows again to test different languages. But this is very inconvenient. I want to setup a Windows 10 virtual machine with Chinese language and let Visual Studio 2017 deploy and debug the App right into the VM. Back the …

Debug UWP