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Windows 10 UWP: How to Debug OnFileActivated Launch Failure

Today I am working on my Image Portray App, and I get my code blown up. The problem is, when the App is already started, it can open .ink file with double click from a file. But when the App is not launched, opening a .ink file to start the App will make it crash. As other UWP that supports file type association, I also use OnFileActivated event to launch my App. This kind of problem could not be …

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10 Tricks and Tools for Windows 10 UWP Development

After Windows 10's launch. More and more UWP applications are coming as well as more Windows developers. I am doing UWP development besides my job for more then 2 years. Today, I will share some tips and tricks from my UWP development experience as well as some handy tools, so that you can do your development more quicker and easier. 1. Automatically Set Color to Title Bar The default color …