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Windows 10 UWP: Switching Languages in Your App

By default, a UWP App's UI language is automatically fits the system current language settings. However, what if the user need the ability to set a particular UI language just for your App without having to change system language? In my App, I supports Simplified Chinese and English. The user can override the system language in App's settings page: So how to do it? First, you need to have …

UWP Localization

Windows 10 UWP: How to Read and Save Settings Easily

In the UWP Application model, reading and saving settings are very similar to WinRT API. The class we are using is ApplicationData.Current.LocalSettings It is using key-value-pair to store settings. LocalSettings will stay on the user's current computer, and not being synced with thier Microsoft account. The API to save settings is: LocalSettings.Values[key] = value; To read settings:  if ( …

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