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Migrating Old ASP.NET Applications to .NET Core

More and more people are talking about .NET Core these days. It is true that .NET Core is the future, and .NET Framework will still be maintained because very large number of applications can’t be migrated in a short time. .NET Core and .NET Framework are just like electric cars and gasoline powered cars. Gasoline cars is mature, and you can drive it without any problem, but electric cars have …


Generate Captcha Code in ASP.NET Core

If you want to use captcha code to protect your website from spam messages, there are a few options such as Google ReCaptcha and captcha.com. Both of them can be integrated into ASP.NET Core applications. However, you may still want to generate the captcha code yourself for some reason, such as your website may be used in mainland China... This post will show you how to generate and use captcha …


Add Watermark to Uploaded Image in ASP.NET Core

Adding watermark to an image is very widely used in websites in order to protect the content owner's copyright, such as a blog system like this website. In traditional ASP.NET (.NET Framework), we could use System.Web.Helpers.WebImage to add text watermark like this: var image = new WebImage(imageBytes); image.AddTextWatermark( Settings.Instance.WatermarkText, "White", Settings.Instance. …


Fix AcrylicBrush Missing on NavigationView in Windows 10 SDK 17763

Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10 UWP SDK Build 17763, you can check the What's New document for more details. But when I retarget my App to version 17763, something unexpected happens, the AcrylicBrush gone missing if I change my App runtime to version 17763. I am not sure if this is by design on 17763 or it is a bug, I am trying to contact Microsoft product group on this problem. …