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How to Remove Default FDS Effects in UWP Apps

The Fluent Design System introduced by Windows 10 from v1709 is very beautiful, the latest v1809 further refined FDS, many UWP built in controls got FDS effect by default while developers do not need to do anything. This is usually a good thing, but it can also cause performance problems for some apps. My Character Map UWP is one of the victimized apps, and let's take a look at how to remove the …


Dependency Injection with Multiple Implementations in ASP.NET Core

The built-in Dependency Injection (DI) in ASP.NET Core is very useful, but how do you deal with an interface has multiple implementations? Can the runtime choose one of these implementations based on configuration? Is there a way to get rid of reflection? Let me show you how to dynamically select a specific implementation of an interface at run time according to the configuration file without …

ASP.NET .NET Core DI Design Pattern

Path Caveat with ASP.NET Core 2.2 IIS Hosting

ASP.NET Core 2.2 has been in place for some time, with a new feature that can use the new AspNetCoreModuleV2 and deploy with InProcess mode on IIS to dramatically improve performance. These days Azure App Service finally completed the deployment of this new version of the module, I configured my blog to the new module, and it exploded in production. Let's see why and how to solve it. If you don't …


Automate Windows 10 Developer Machine Setup

One of the things programmers hate most is probably setup a computer. Because the programmer's computer environment configuration is very different from normal people. In general, it takes several hours to manually install a new development machine. Let this process automating, after all, the essence of programming is to let complex things simplify, find a way to be lazy! In fact, automatic …

Windows PowerShell Choco

Integrate Azure Application Insight Data into Your Own App

Microsoft Azure has a very powerful monitoring tool called Application Insights. It can monitor every aspect of our web application, including client and server metrics, error details, performance and so on. My blog is also using Application Insights, but everytime I want to see the data, I have to go to Azure portal, even for the basic metrics like page views or server response time. I want a …

Azure Application Insight

2018 "Hour of Code" in Sanda University with Microsoft MVPs

Nowadays, computer technology is breaking the limits of human beings every day, bringing countless innovations. Getting more teenagers to learn programming techniques will bring more wonderful surprises to our world. With this in mind, on December 8th, the "Hour of Code" event was held in Shanghai Sanda University campus, sponsored by Microsoft China Public Welfare group. Three Microsoft MVPs …

MVP Hour of Code

Build .NET Core 2.2 Projects on Azure DevOps

.NET Core 2.2 has been release for couple of weeks. However, the build pipeline is still failing these days. Microsoft has not installed .NET Core 2.2 SDK to the hosted VS2017 agents yet. Let's see how to work around this issue and have a success build for our .NET Core 2.2 apps. 1. Add Task Edit your build definition, and click the "+" button to add a new task. 2. Add .NET Core SDK Installer …

Azure .NET Core DevOps