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How to Fix Extended TitleBar Overlapping NavigationView PaneToggleButton

In UWP Apps, we some times extend our main view into title bar to get rid of Windows 10 default title bar. However if you are using NavigationView under extended title bar, you will find your PaneToggleButton overlapped by the title bar. And the user won't be able to click on the upper part of the button because it is where the title bar need to respond to window drag actions. This image shows …


Windows Community Toolkit: Use CameraPreview to Take Photos

In UWP Apps, if we want to use the device's camera to take photos and save to a file, it is used to be some how complicated, the developer need to know about quite a lot things and also write quite a few code to get it down (As you can find the Camera examples from Microsoft offical sample code). In fact, in many cases, we just want to take a photo by the most easy and default options via the …

UWP Camera

Read System Certificates in UWP

In Windows, we can view and manage the certificates using certmgr.msc, which is a system management console included in Windows itself.  However, what if we want to view the certificates information in an UWP app? Here is the answer. First thing first, the method I use does not apply to UWP only. In fact it is from a WPF app I wrote. As Microsoft released .NET Standard 2.0, which allows me to …