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A Brief Introduction for Azure Front Door

Microsoft Azure had an incident on 11/20, which it's Front Door service got a bad deployment and blown up Office 365, Bing, Azure DevOps, etc. The issue was fixed very quickly by Microsoft engineers. But Azure Front Door caught my eyes, it is new to me. So I took a look. Azure Front Door Typically, when we deploy our web applications to Azure App Service or other clouds, the network flow of a …

Azure Front Door

Generate a True ICO Format Image in .NET Core

A while ago I finally completed the dynamic generation of favicons for my blog system. As we all know, favicon must have an icon in .ico format, and the rest can be output as png files and a manifest.json. However, this ICO format let me struggled for a while. I'd like to share my solution. The Problem with Built-in API As many of you may know, System.Drawing.Image has a Save method that allows …

Icon .NET Core