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How to Pack a .NET Core Class Library and Upload to NuGet

NuGet is the package manager of the. NET world, we can both use official website nuget.org, or build our own corporate and private servers. Now, with . NET Core, it's easier than ever to pack and upload a NuGet package, let's take a look! NuGet Account If you want your package to be used by every .NET developers in the world, then you need to have a nuget.org account to upload your own package.  …

NuGet .NET Core

Send Email in .NET Core via MailKit

The ability to send e-mail notifications is common in a variety of systems. My blog can also send emails to administrators when there are new comments, new replies, or when articles are referenced by other sites. So in. NET Core, how can we send an e-mail? My case will use Microsoft Outlook.com's personal account to send e-mail, using the SMTP protocol. But you can also do it with other SMTP- …

.NET Core Email MailKit

Use Environment Specific nlog.config in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core has built-in aspsettings.env.json which can automatically apply to different environments. But how about NLog? In official examples, it only got one nlog.config file which will be used in all environments. Let's see how we can change it to use different config files on different environments. Why do we need this This requirement actually came from this blog system. My blog runs on …

.NET Core NLog