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Reset Azure Blob Storage Content Type in .NET Core

My blog is using Azure Blob Storage to store images for posts, however, it went wrong these days when I am trying out Azure CDN, the cause is all my images requests are returning incorrect content-type. Let's see how to reset content type for files in Azure Blob Storage via .NET Core. When I uploaded images using the Azure Storage API for .NET, by default, without setting ContentType, which is …

Azure .NET Core Azure Blob Storage

SQL Server Export Data Tier Application via Command Line

We can use SSMS to export data-tier application for an SQL Server database. I've been using this method for several years on my local machine. However, to make things work under automated environments, like CI/CD environments, or some automated scheduled tasks. We usually need to do it under the command line.  Microsoft has provided a cross-platform command-line tool that can import/export DAC: …

SQL Server DAC

Stop Generating Designer.cs for .resx files in .NET Core

In Visual Studio, if we add a Resource File (.resx) to a .NET Core project, you will find a ".Designer.cs" file is automatically generated and updated whenever the resource content changes. This file basically contains auto-generated code for accessing resource values by key. In my blog system, I use the Resource File to maintain the default configuration data when setting up the blog for the …

Visual Studio .NET Core Resx