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About Per Monitor-DPI aware for WinForms Applications

WinForms is the traditional .NET desktop application workload running on Windows. For historical reasons, there are some problems with its support for high DPI and for different DPI screens, and this article explores the possible solutions. Windows "96" PPI history The default DPI for Windows systems (more precisely called PPI) is 96. PPI means pixel per inch, which means how many pixels are …

.NET WinForm DPI

How I Built This Blog with Azure Services

My website (https://edi.wang) is an open-source blog system written in .NET Core and runs on Microsoft Azure. This article explains why and how the blog benefits from Azure's services. History of this blog The history of my blog dates to 2003, and the .NET version of the blog was originally built 10 years ago by the ASP.NET 2.0 WebForm VB and Access database and has been gradually maintained and …

Azure DevOps App Service

Run Classic ASP on Windows 10 and Azure App Service

ASP is an old technology of Microsoft that even before .NET was born. I have used ASP 3.0 to create my first personal blog in 2003. Nowadays, it is hard to find ASP web applications still active on the internet. But we can still bring the 1996's classic ASP back to life on today's Windows 10 and even in Azure. Some history ASP and its successor, ASP.NET are completely different. ASP uses the …


Build a Simple Matrix Card in .NET Core

A Matrix Card is typically used in online games for authentication. I build a simple version of a Matrix Card in .NET Core today, let's check it out. How Matrix Card Works This is a typical Matrix Card for the game "World of Warcraft". It has a serial number to bind to the owner's game account, and then use the numbers in the table for validation. Suppose the hacker already knows your account …

.NET Core Matrix Card