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How to Check Resource Existence in Azure CLI

Azure CLI can help us automate the configuration and management tasks of Azure. Ideally, for repetitive tasks, using CLI scripts can help us save time. However, Azure CLI still has some features that are not convenient enough, such as checking the existence of resources. Current Situation For some resource types, such as Resource Group, Azure CLI provides exists directive that can return the …

Azure CLI

How to Check If .NET Core Program is Running under Remote Desktop

There are a few reasons that we need to know if our program is running under the Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) session. For example, if it is running under RDP, we may disable animation and other fancy graphics effects. But how can we detect if our program is currently under RDP? Let's see. Windows Forms If you are developing Windows Forms Apps using .NET Core 3.x, there's a built-in API that can …

.NET Core RDP Remote Desktop Win32