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Solving Azure AD Sign In Failure with Azure Front Door

Today I am migrating my blog to use Azure Front Door which I have introduced in a previous blog post last year. Everything went well except for the blog admin sign in. I configured my blog to Azure AD as SSO. But after I put the blog behind Azure Front Door with my custom domain, OIDC Redirect URL just blow up. OIDC Redirection Failure When I tried to sign in, the redirection URL suddenly went to …

Azure Azure AD Front Door

Use Azure Function to Schedule Auto Start for VMs

VMs on the Microsoft Azure platform can be configured to automatically shut down by schedule. However, currently only VMs in the DevTest Lab service can be powered on automatically. Regular VMs have not been updated with the auto start capability. But still, we can take advantage of Azure Function V3 and PowerShell Core to start the VM by timed schedule. The Idea I have wrote a post 6 year ago …

Azure PowerShell VM Azure Function

Fix 'Cannot Delete Payment Method' for Expired Credit Card on Azure

Recently my credit card for Azure expired. I have to replace it with a new card. But when I added my new card and try to delete my old credit card, Azure pop up an error saying "Cannot delete payment method(s)" and indicates that the card is in use. I was trying to delete credit card from "Cost Management + Billing" - "Payment methods" screen. The reason why Azure won't let me delete my old …


Import Data to Azure Storage Table from SQL Server

Recently, there was a demand to switch data storage from SQL Server database to Azure Storage Table. However, neither SSMS nor Azure Portal provide a direct import function. You may now consider writing a tool to import data, but actually it isn't necessary. I still managed to do it within mouse clicks. But the first thing to warn everyone is that relational databases like SQL Server are not …

SQL Server Azure Storage

How to Use the Latest .NET Core Runtime on Azure App Service

Microsoft often releases updates to .NET Core, usually as security patches. This morning, the .NET Core 3.1.5 update was released. However, Azure App Service's own .NET Core runtime will not be updated immediately, and we would usually wait a few weeks before Microsoft rolls out the update to Azure. For applications with high security requirements, it is urgent to complete the update before …

.NET Azure App Service