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Configure URL Redirect on Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door is a global entry point service for websites. Including features like DDOS, WAF, website failover. I have introduced it in "A Brief Introduction for Azure Front Door". This article specifically introduces the usage of URL redirection in Azure Front Door. When to do URL redirection URL redirection is mainly used to redirect users to a new location of a resource. The most common …

Azure Front Door

Setup a Private NPM Server on Azure in 45 Seconds

Recently, my company needed to use a private NPM server. I did some research and finally chose verdaccio, an open source and free product. However, the environment setup is a huge trouble. Since it is Linux friendly, but my company only has Windows Server 2012 R2, I have to follow the incorrect official document and Googled a lot, finally it took me nearly 5 hours to install on the server. During …

Azure Docker NPM

Migrating an ASP.NET Core Web API Project to Azure Function

Some time ago, I successfully migrated an ASP.NET Core Web API project to the latest Azure Function V3, thereby taking advantage of the serverless features of the Azure platform to reduce operation and maintenance costs by 10 times. This article will introduce the key steps and practices in the migration process to help you migrate similar Web API projects. Project background This Web API …

.NET Web API Azure Azure Function