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Securing My Blog with Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Website developers and operation will inevitably encounter hackers. There are many fully automated hacking tools and scripts on the Internet that can scan your website for known security vulnerabilities and launch fully automated attacks in an attempt to seize control of the server. As a result, businesses often purchase web site application firewalls (WAFs) and deploy in front of the web server …

Azure WAF

Test Network Speed Between Azure VMs Using iPerf

When it comes to measuring network speed, you might think of testing the Internet connection speed with the famous speedtest. But in fact, just testing the Internet connection speed is not reliable. In some scenarios, the final Internet speed is also affected by the your infrastructure like the connection to your ISP's server. Therefore, it is very important to know where your network performance …

Azure Network

How to Restore Connection After Accidentally Disabled NIC on Azure VM

Normally, we uses cloud based VMs through SSH or RDP, so a network connection is necessary for connecting to the VM. But what if you accidentally disabled the NIC on your cloud VM? You may want to call Azure Support or find a previous snapshot for restoring VM. That's not necessary! Azure can help you restore your NIC by yourself in a few steps. Experiment I created a Windows Server 2019 VM on …

Azure VM