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ASP.NET Core Unit Test: How to Mock HttpContext.Features.Get()

In ASP.NET Core unit tests, if you want to mock HttpContext.Features.Get<SomeType>(), here's the trick. Problem I have my Error page code that will get exception detail infomation, to do that, I use HttpContext.Features.Get<IExceptionHandlerPathFeature>(). public void OnGet() { var requestId = Activity.Current?.Id ?? HttpContext.TraceIdentifier; var exceptionFeature = HttpContext.Features. …

ASP.NET Core Unit Test

ASP.NET Core Unit Test: How to Mock Url.Page()

Problem In ASP.NET Core, when you use extension methods on UrlHelperExtensions class, it would be difficult to write Mock in unit test. Because Moq doesn't support mocking extension methods. For example, the following code that I use in my blog is using Url.Page() method: var callbackUrl = Url.Page("/Index", null, null, Request.Scheme); But in my unit test, mocking like this will throw …

ASP.NET Core Unit Test