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Return Excel File in Azure Function

We typically use Azure Function to create APIs or scheduled jobs. For REST APIs that return JSON as response, it's extremely easy, but sometimes, we need another format besides JSON, like a file. Recently I have been working on a project that needs to generate Excel reports from Azure Function. I am using .NET 6.0, C# with Azure Function V4. Let's see how to do it. …


Deploy to Azure Static Web App from Local Machine without GitHub Action

When creating Azure Static Web App in Azure portal. The deployment options did not provide clear instructions for how to deploy without creating a project and CI/CD pipeline on GitHub or Azure DevOps. Many times, we just want to deploy a simple one-time project from a local computer. Let's see how to do this. …


Make NPM Install with Legacy Peer Deps in Azure Static Web Apps Builds

After upgrading a JS library, GitHub Action for build and deploy Azure Static Web Apps blows up sky high. According to the error message. npm install command need to run with --legacy-peer-deps. However, there is no step of npm install in Azure Static Web Apps's yml file. How can we tell npm to use legacy peer deps? …

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