Windows 10 UWP开发:更新VS2015 Update 1后无法加载旧工程的解决办法

今天更新了VS2015 Update 1,然后打开以前的UWP工程就爆炸了。这是因为Update 1里的UWP SDK是10586的,以前是10240的。所以我们需要手工改一下工程文件,把运行时的版本号指向10586。不过要注意,这样编译出来的应用就只有Windows 10 TH2的用户能用了。 1. 在工程上右键选择“Edit 工程名字.csproj” 2. 把10240替换成10586 3. 保存工程文件 4. 右键,选择“Reload Project”重新加载工程 5. 成功加载

Fix Visual Studio 2015 Razor Editor Blow Up

Visual Studio 2015 has been RTM for one month. However, it blows up very often, such as Razor editor. When I try to open any .cshtml file, it blows up with this error, then the syntax highlight is gone. I tried to uninstall all add-on, even repair install VS2015 can't get it working. The detailed error message is: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the …