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I am a professional .NET developer, Microsoft MVP. My job is to develop website for a fintech company. I also do Windows development besides my job and created a few Apps for the Windows platform.

This website is a .NET blog system developed by me starting from June 2008. It evolved from ASP.NET WebForms with VB to ASP.NET Core with C#. It's now open source to the community.

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This blog is hosted on Microsoft Azure, the best cloud on the planet. By using Azure services and the .NET platform, it has achieved global availability with great performance and high DevOps productivity.

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Azure Cognitive Services

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The Journey of Edi.Wang

Development History

  • 2003

    When I was in junior middle school, I was so interested in computer technologies. I studied ASP programming by myself and built my first personal website: HackerInn. This site provides cyber security information and showcase my works.

    After I entered high school, due to busy school study, I don't have enough time to continue working on my site. As a result, HackerInn was faded out of the Internet.

  • 2008

    After college entrance examination, I planned to build a brand new personal website for demostrating my works.

    1. Use Windows Aero style as visual design, make the website looks gorgeous.

    2. Use XHTML + CSS as a replacement for table layout, targeting latest browser standards.

    3. Use ASP.NET + C# as framework and language of development. Improve significantly on both functionality and security.

    After one year development, the website finally came online in July 2009.

  • 2011

    Code Name: Nordrassil

    New design came out. Clean and unified looks and feels made it easier to browse, RSS and SEO were also improved.

    Dropped support for IE6.0 and added some CSS3 features.

  • 2012

    UI theme changed to facebook style.

    Finished development of EdiBlog 7.0. The website was renamed to "diaosbook", it's the first version using ASP.NET MVC.

  • 2013

    Redesigned using Bootstrap as front-end framework.

    Optimized for cloud hosting and mobile devices.

    Host by Microsoft Azure.

  • 2015

    Migrated to new domain name:

    Changed website UI to English to go international.

    Enhance RWD for different screen sizes.

  • 2018

    Code Name: Moonglade

    Upgrade to FontAwesome 5 and Bootstrap 4.

    Enhance website performance.

    Integration with Azure AD, Azure DNS Zone, Azure CDN, Azure DevOps.

    Completely rewrite blog system with .NET Core

  • 2019

    Open Source the entire system on GitHub.

    Migrated to .NET Core 3.0