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Azure Remote Controlled Light with .NET Core 3.0 on Raspberry Pi

3 years ago, I wrote a blog post "Azure Remote Controlled Light with Windows 10 IoT Core", which is an experiment to sending a signal from your home and it will travel around the world then come back to your home to turn on an LED light on your Raspberry Pi. 3 years later, Windows 10 IoT Core and UWP seem not living so well. Microsoft doesn't have a new build of Windows 10 to support the latest …
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Raspberry Pi Surveillance Camera with Linux and Azure

Because Windows 10 IoT Core is not supporting Pi Camera, I can only use Linux instead. These days, I made a surveillance camera, the functionality is simple, when a person passed by the camera, it will take a picture and upload to Microsoft Azure Storage. It also got a website to remotely view the photos. 1. Hardware A PIR Sensor, a Pi Camera, a couple of jump wires. Connect the Singal port of …
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Uploading PiCamera images to Azure

Recently Windows 10 IoT Core Build 14393 is coming, but still without PiCamera support, WTF. So I can only choose Linux for my project. When I was using Windows, I use C# + Azure SDK to upload photos to Microsoft Azure. So how to do it on Linux? After some research, here's how to do it. My system is Raspbian Linux. First, we need to install Azure SDK in SSH Terminal: sudo pip install --pre azure …
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Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows 10 IoT Core Basics

最近有时间,总结了一下关于树莓派3及Windows 10 IoT的基础知识。适合没有接触过硬件但有一定编程经验的读者入门。我自己刚刚买树莓派的时候花了很长时间入门,搞清楚各种概念和属于。很多网上的帖子都是分散在各个角落的,并且是英文的,有些还是过时的,有些是爆的,所以我觉得有必要总结一篇基础入门帖子。这篇文章讲的都是抛砖引玉的概念,并不包括End-To-End的Case,想要做一个完整实验的文章,请看我博客的物联网开发系列文章:http://edi.wang/category/list/iot  如果有错误和补充,欢迎在评论里指出。 一、树莓派3 树莓派是基于ARM芯片的卡片电脑,大小和一张信用卡一样。今年推出了第三代,集成了板载蓝牙和WIFI。之前的树莓派1和2都是需要用USB WIFI和蓝牙实现的,所以你要是购买树莓派,买3是最方便的,可以省去USB WIFI和蓝牙的配件。并且 …
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How to use Windows RDP to connect Raspbian Linux

Because Windows 10 IoT Core is not yet ready to replace Raspbian, in some case, we have to use Linux. The remote operation on Linux is usually done by SSH. If you want remote desktop like the one on Windows. There are two options: tightvnc or xrdp. I used to  use tightvnc, it does not have any problem with daily use. But I have to install a tightvnc client on my PC. However, XRDP can be supported …
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Windows 10 IoT: How to Drive an SSD1306 I2C Display

I bought a 128x64 0.96 inch OLED display, like this one: The driver chip for this screen is called SSD 1306, typically, this chip will have 2 layouts, SPI or I2C. However, the examples fo how to drive I2C with SSD 1306 is very rare, and they run on Raspbian not Windows. Luckly, with the help from a Microsoft Staff in US, we finally got the code to run the screen on Windows 10 IoT Core. 1. …
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315MHz Remote Door Control by Windows 10 IoT

In the past few days, I have implemented a device that mimics the remote control door of a garage with a Raspberry Pi and share it with you. First of all, I will introduce the remote control and receiver board I use, this kind of remote control module can be bought everywhere in China, and it basically looks like this. Many roller shutter doors and garage doors use this remote control module. For radio experiments, the non-locking version is purchased, so note that it is best to purchase the antenna at the same time. The antenna is a 50 ohm single-core wire, in fact, it is a copper wire, pay attention to the frequency when buying, the radio license frequency in Chinese mainland is 315MHz
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Reed Controlled Light by Windows 10 IoT Core

Reed switch is an electronic component to connect / disconnect the switch by magnetic field. When it touchs magnetic field, the two iron sheets inside the tube will clip together, so the switch is connected.  The application of Reed Swith: Door light controller: When you open the door, turn the light on. When you close the door, turn off the light. This is simply install a reed switch on your …
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74HC595 4 Digits LED Tube with Windows 10

One of the commonly used LED Tube driver chip is 74HC595, by using the Chip, you can save GPIO ports. I bought an LED Tube with 595 chip, it only needs 3 GPIO ports to display 4 digits. However, there is no existing posts about how to drive the 74HC595 LED Tube from Windows 10. So, I can only try for myself. …
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