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Deploy ChatGPT Next Web to Azure App Service with Individual Account Login in 3 minutes

ChatGPT Next Web is a well-known web UI project for ChatGPT. However, the official repository does not offer a one-click installation option for Azure, and it lacks individual account authentication. We will explore how to deploy it to Azure without creating a VM, add access control to log in to use ChatGPT without any code modification, and complete these tasks within three minutes. …

Azure AI App Service

Use Azure Function to Update IP Address in Azure VM NSG Firewall Rule

I have Azure VMs that require being accessed only from 3 IP addresses. Two of these IPs are static, the other is dynamic. Every time the dynamic IP changes, I must manually go to Azure portal and update NSG rules. Because this happens every few days, it makes me work 996. To solve this issue, I created Azure Function to automatically update the NSG rule with a simple HTTP request. …

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Fix Azure Linux VM High Memory Usage Because of Microsoft Defender

Recently, my Ubuntu 22.04 VMs are getting unresponsive. From Azure portal, I observe that something quickly eats up all memory on the VM. I'm also difficult to SSH into the VM. After work 996, I finally pinpointed the problem. It is caused by a process named "wdavdaemon", which is Microsoft Dender for Linux. This machine is B1s size and has only 1G memory, MDE is taking 416MB and this …

Azure Linux

How to Run Cloud Init YAML with Azure Bicep when Creating VM

Problem Azure document for "Create an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine using a Bicep file" did not show how to use custom data to run cloud init yaml file when creating VM. After work 996, I finally figured out the undocumented method to run a cloud init yaml file with Azure Bicep. Let's see how to do it. Solution Create a YAML file for cloud init Create a YAML file in the location where your …

Azure VM Linux

Fix Azure Ubuntu Virtual Machine Agent Status is Not Ready Problem

One of my Azure VM running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS suddenly gives a warning message " virtual machine agent status is not ready. Troubleshoot the issue". I recently did some updates and cleaned up the system, it seems the VM agent was destroyed. I've fixed the issue and would like to share the solution. …

Azure VM

Cloud Architecture Design of My Email Notification Infrastructure on Azure

My blog system "Moonglade" needs to send email notifications to blog owner when there are events like new comments, new pingbacks, and send email to readers when their comments are replied.  I've been building my own infrastructure in the last few years. I will share the journey of how this email infrastructure evolved and the things I learnt. …

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How to Automatically Move Blobs to Cool or Archive Tier After a Period of Time

Azure Storage Account offers three tiers of blob storage. Hot, cool and archive. We usually use hot tier for data that needs to be accessed frequently, move blobs to cool tier if they won't be used very often, and archive blobs when they are not used at all. However, manually, or programmatically moving blobs still require an amount of work to do. Let's see how to do it without any programming. …

Azure Azure Blob Storage

How to Activate Kendo UI License in Azure Static Web Apps Without Exposing Secret Value

I have an open-source project that uses Kendo UI for Angular. In order for users to have BYOL model, I could not include the license file in my public repository. There is no example of how to activate Kendo license during SWA build process. Let's see how to activate Kendo UI license during the build process of Azure Static Web Apps without including the license itself in repository. …

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