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How to Print Borderless Photos on Cannon MG2580s

I have a Cannon MG2580s printer, it can print 4x6 inch (10x15cm) A6 size photos, but with ugly white borders even the printing software is set to borderless. This is because this model of printer does not support borderless printing on hardware level, it's not a software or settings issue.  I've come up with a workaround that can produce borderless photo printing. …


ASP.NET Core 5.0 Throughput Test in Kestrel, IIS, Nginx and Caddy

Starting from version 2.2, ASP.NET Core allow you to use the InProcess mode to improve performance under IIS. Rick Strahl has a detailed article on this. Three years have passed, and now ASP.NET Core has reached version 5.0, how the performance diffs between servers? Let's take a look together. Rick's Test Result In the original article, Rick Strahl tested the performance of ASP.NET Core 2.2 in …


How to Enable Application Request Routing on Azure App Service

We typically use Application Request Routing (ARR) module to host a reverse proxy on IIS. Azure App Service is also using IIS as it's gateway, which should work for reverse proxy, but it won't work by default. Let's see how can we enable ARR on Azure App Service. The Experiment I have https://dropdatabase.run/ domain, and I want to reverse proxy https://996.icu/ under https://dropdatabase.run/996. …

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Run ASP.NET Core Websites with Windows Server Core on Azure

Microsoft Azure provides App Service that is fully managed to enable you to run websites. However, in some cases, you may still need an IaaS solution like a VM to host your website. This article will show you how to run an ASP.NET Core 2.2 web application on a Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Server Core virtual machine hosted in Azure. About Windows Server Core Windows was designed as an operating …

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Run Classic ASP on Windows 10 and Azure App Service

ASP is an old technology of Microsoft that even before .NET was born. I have used ASP 3.0 to create my first personal blog in 2003. Nowadays, it is hard to find ASP web applications still active on the internet. But we can still bring the 1996's classic ASP back to life on today's Windows 10 and even in Azure. Some history ASP and its successor, ASP.NET are completely different. ASP uses the …


Path Caveat with ASP.NET Core 2.2 IIS Hosting

ASP.NET Core 2.2 has been in place for some time, with a new feature that can use the new AspNetCoreModuleV2 and deploy with InProcess mode on IIS to dramatically improve performance. These days Azure App Service finally completed the deployment of this new version of the module, I configured my blog to the new module, and it exploded in production. Let's see why and how to solve it. If you don't …


Prevent Image Hotlinking in ASP.NET/Core Applications

Introduction As a website developer, we sometimes don't want the images on our own website to be directly referenced and showed on other's website. It can cause a lot network bandwidth for our datacenters in some cases, which means costing money for us to pay for the one who use our images. For example, your website is A.com, you have an image on http://a.com/facepalm.jpg and B.com used your …


Install Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

In the recent Windows 10 v1709 Fall Creators Update, the Windows subsystem for Linux has been improved a lot. Let's see how easy it is now to install Linux on Windows. 1. Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux Because the classic control panel has been hidden, now the quickest way to access Programs and Features is to run appwiz.cpl And then check "Windows Subsystem for Linux" under "Turn Windows …

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How to Redirect Old Domain URL to New Domain in IIS

When you change the domain name for your website, you are definitely going to solve the migration problem. You cannot just stop DNS on your old domain, because this will cause your indexed pages to be deleted by search engines. The correct way is to tell the search engine that you have a new domain name now, which is when the user accesses an old URL, redirect it to the new URL. Take my blog …