One of my Azure VM running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS suddenly gives a warning message "<vm name> virtual machine agent status is not ready. Troubleshoot the issue". I recently did some updates and cleaned up the system, it seems the VM agent was destroyed. I've fixed the issue and would like to share the solution.


Check agent status

Check if walinuxagent is there

SSH into the VM and run 

apt list --installed | grep walinuxagent

If the agent is alive, it should be listed. In my case, this command did not find the agent.

edi@****:~$ apt list --installed | grep walinuxagent

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

Reinstall Azure Linux Agent


sudo apt-get install walinuxagent -y

Configure auto update for agent


cat /etc/waagent.conf

If you see AutoUpdate.Enabled=y is comment out like this

# Enable or disable goal state processing auto-update, default is enabled
# AutoUpdate.Enabled=y


sudo sed -i 's/# AutoUpdate.Enabled=n/AutoUpdate.Enabled=y/g' /etc/waagent.conf

Start agent


sudo service walinuxagent restart

Refresh Azure portal

Wait for a few minutes, then refresh Azure portal web page. Do not click the refresh button, it won't update. Refresh the browser with F5! 

Now the VM is running fine without warning.

Root Cause

The root cause for me is that I removed Python packages from the system yesterday. Azure Linux Agent uses python. So please do not remove Python packages.