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Deploy big-AGI to Azure App Service with Individual Account Login in 3 minutes

big-AGI, the AI suite for professionals that need function, form, simplicity, and speed. Powered by the latest models from 12 vendors and open-source servers, big-AGI offers best-in-class Chats, Beams, and Calls with AI personas, visualizations, coding, drawing, side-by-side chatting, and more. However, the official repository of big-AGI does not offer a one-click installation for Azure, and the built-in authentication is only basic username and password. In this post, I'll share how to deploy big-AGI to Azure without the need to create a VM, and setup access control that requires individual accounts in Entra ID to log in, without making any changes to the code.
Azure AI App Service

How to Set Time Zone for Azure App Service

Azure App Service defaults to UTC time, causing issues for legacy applications designed for specific time zones, such as Japan. These apps often use `DateTime.Now`, resulting in incorrect data when deployed on Azure. While the server time zone can't be changed directly in Azure App Service, this article will guide you on how to adjust the time zone to ensure your legacy applications run correctly.
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Deploy Website from Local Machine to Azure App Service without Git, CI/CD or VS/Code

Azure App Service offers a variety of deployment options tailored to the diverse needs of developers. But what if your project is a straightforward task that doesn't warrant the complexity of setting up an entire suite of tools or a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline? I'm going to walk you through a streamlined approach that minimizes effort to make your deployment ready …
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How to Detect If Your Application is Running in Azure App Service

An application needs to know if itself is running in Azure App Service, so that it can apply special logic and optimization for Azure. When deploying an application to Azure App Service, the platform automatically assigns a set of environment variables that can be accessed by the application code. In this post, we will see how can our application get this information. …
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Deploy ChatGPT Next Web to Azure App Service with Individual Account Login in 3 minutes

ChatGPT Next Web is a well-known web UI project for ChatGPT. However, the official repository does not offer a one-click installation option for Azure, and it lacks individual account authentication. We will explore how to deploy it to Azure without creating a VM, add access control to log in to use ChatGPT without any code modification, and complete these tasks within three minutes. …
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Get Client IP When Your ASP.NET Core App is behind Reversed Proxy on Azure App Service

Problem I have a web app with a web front end and API backend both deployed to Azure App Service. I reversed proxy the API using this method I described before, so that my web front end can access API without having CORS issue, and the end users won't need to access my API address directly. However, for the API code, the client IP address I got is always Azure app service's outbound IP instead …
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Automated Deployment Script with Azure CLI and PowerShell Core

My blog project, "Moonglade", is optimized for running on Microsoft Azure. It can combine up to 14 Azure services together for a full deployment, manually setup is difficult and takes time. I chose Azure CLI with PowerShell Core to write a deployment script that enables a quick on-board experience to setup Moonglade in 10 minutes with minimal Azure Services. Let's see how it is done. …
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How to Prevent Access to App Service Url Behind Azure Front Door

In my previous posts, I have introduced usage of Azure Front Door. However, when we finish setting up the front door and bind our domain to the front door, users can still access the App Service URL. In this post, I'll introduce how to prevent access to our App Service when using Azure Front Door. Problem For example, my blog is binding https://edi.wang to my front door, I have 2 App Services …
Azure App Service Front Door

How to Enable Application Request Routing on Azure App Service

We typically use Application Request Routing (ARR) module to host a reverse proxy on IIS. Azure App Service is also using IIS as it's gateway, which should work for reverse proxy, but it won't work by default. Let's see how can we enable ARR on Azure App Service. The Experiment I have https://dropdatabase.run/ domain, and I want to reverse proxy https://996.icu/ under https://dropdatabase.run/996. …
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