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Json Serialization Caveat in Azure Function

Creating Azure Functions using C# and .NET can feel quite familiar to those versed in creating ASP.NET Core Web APIs. Despite the similarities, one key difference lies in the process of JSON serialization, which can present unexpected challenges. In this post, I'll explore the two most common issues developers encounter with JSON in Azure Functions and provide practical solutions to overcome them. …
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How to Detect If Your Application is Running in Azure App Service

An application needs to know if itself is running in Azure App Service, so that it can apply special logic and optimization for Azure. When deploying an application to Azure App Service, the platform automatically assigns a set of environment variables that can be accessed by the application code. In this post, we will see how can our application get this information. …
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Call API with Windows Authentication from Blazor Web Assembly

I was rewriting an old Angular application to Blazor Web Assembly a couple of days ago. The App is an internal tool, which uses a backend API that has Windows Authentication. However, when calling API from HttpClient that UseDefaultCredentials, Blazor will throw PlatformNotSupportedException. The majority of internet search so far tell you it's not possible. Really? Let's see how to make it work! …
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Get Client IP When Your ASP.NET Core App is behind Reversed Proxy on Azure App Service

Problem I have a web app with a web front end and API backend both deployed to Azure App Service. I reversed proxy the API using this method I described before, so that my web front end can access API without having CORS issue, and the end users won't need to access my API address directly. However, for the API code, the client IP address I got is always Azure app service's outbound IP instead …
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Blazor WASM 实现人民币大写转换器

.NET 5 正式发布已经有一段时间了,其中 Blazor 技术是该版本的亮点之一。作为微软技术的被坑者,年少的我曾经以为 SilverLight 能血虐 Flash,Zune 能团灭 iPod,WP 能吊打 iPhone,UWP 能统一全平台…… 可是后…… 最终步入大龄程序员的我发现,只有陪伴了我将近 20 年的 ASP.NET 还没有完蛋。于是我这两天花了点时间,尝试将我的一个 UWP 小工具用 Blazor 重写,分享给大家。 无法抢救的 UWP “人民币大写转换器” 是我年少无知时开发的小工具之一,它的主要功能有: - 将数字金额转化为大写中文 - 复制结果 - 使用中文语音朗读结果 - 显示参照表 可惜 UWP 不论是充满 Bug 的 SDK,Runtime,还是微软的龟速更新与混乱的规划,都已经无可救药了,是时候给应用找个新家了。 Blazor Blazor 是 .NET …
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Migrating an ASP.NET Core Web API Project to Azure Function

Some time ago, I successfully migrated an ASP.NET Core Web API project to the latest Azure Function V3, thereby taking advantage of the serverless features of the Azure platform to reduce operation and maintenance costs by 10 times. This article will introduce the key steps and practices in the migration process to help you migrate similar Web API projects. Project background This Web API …
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How to Use the Latest .NET Core Runtime on Azure App Service

Microsoft often releases updates to .NET Core, usually as security patches. This morning, the .NET Core 3.1.5 update was released. However, Azure App Service's own .NET Core runtime will not be updated immediately, and we would usually wait a few weeks before Microsoft rolls out the update to Azure. For applications with high security requirements, it is urgent to complete the update before …
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My ASP.NET Core Route Debugger Middleware

Background In the ancient days of the .NET Framework, there was a RouteDebugger that outputs routing information for the current page in an MVC or web API app, or sees all the routing information registered in the app. The latest version of its NuGet package is 2.1.5, updated in 2016, from an article by Phil Haack 12 years ago https://haacked.com/archive/2008/03/13/url-routing-debugger.aspx …
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How to Check If .NET Core Program is Running under Remote Desktop

There are a few reasons that we need to know if our program is running under the Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) session. For example, if it is running under RDP, we may disable animation and other fancy graphics effects. But how can we detect if our program is currently under RDP? Let's see. Windows Forms If you are developing Windows Forms Apps using .NET Core 3.x, there's a built-in API that can …
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