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How to Get Access Token for Azure REST APIs in .NET

I am recently working on a project that requires front-end to call Azure REST APIs. Microsoft document describes how to get Access Token in postman via Jon Gallant's blog post. However, placing secret keys in front-end is very dangerous. In my project, I must get the Access Token from server side in .NET. Let's see how to do it. …
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Solving Azure AD Sign In Failure with Azure Front Door

Today I am migrating my blog to use Azure Front Door which I have introduced in a previous blog post last year. Everything went well except for the blog admin sign in. I configured my blog to Azure AD as SSO. But after I put the blog behind Azure Front Door with my custom domain, OIDC Redirect URL just blow up. OIDC Redirection Failure When I tried to sign in, the redirection URL suddenly went to …
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How to Allow Only Selected Users to Access an Application in Azure AD

My blog supports Azure AD authentication. I created the Azure AD application inside Visual Studio, by default, all users under my Azure AD will have access to my blog's admin portal. This is not ideal for an enterprise application that needs to limit access for only a few selected users or groups. Let's see how to configure an Application in Azure AD to enable access for just a few users. Make …
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Fix Azure DevOps TF14045 Error When Deploy to Azure

I encountered an error when I tried to setup CI/CD in Azure DevOps, I tried to deploy a .NET Core application to Azure App Service, but Azure DevOps won't connect to Azure. This is a known issue for Microsoft. Let's see how we can manually set up a connection between Azure DevOps and Azure to work around this issue. First, the error message I met was: Failed to get resource ID for resource type ' …
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