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How I Built This Blog with Azure Services

My website (https://edi.wang) is an open-source blog system written in .NET Core and runs on Microsoft Azure. This article explains why and how the blog benefits from Azure's services. History of this blog The history of my blog dates to 2003, and the .NET version of the blog was originally built 10 years ago by the ASP.NET 2.0 WebForm VB and Access database and has been gradually maintained and …
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Build .NET Core 2.2 Projects on Azure DevOps

.NET Core 2.2 has been release for couple of weeks. However, the build pipeline is still failing these days. Microsoft has not installed .NET Core 2.2 SDK to the hosted VS2017 agents yet. Let's see how to work around this issue and have a success build for our .NET Core 2.2 apps. 1. Add Task Edit your build definition, and click the "+" button to add a new task. 2. Add .NET Core SDK Installer …
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Configure Continuous Delivery for ASP.NET Core Website on Azure

Today I am trying new DevOps tools in VS2017 and Azure, my goal is to automate the process from development to production for an exsiting ASP.NET Core project. I have encountered some issues, and with the help of Microsoft Support, I was able to solve them and share with you guys. First, there are two ways to configure CD for Azure Web Apps. I prefer create a website first, then configure it from …
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国内的Windows Azure很快就要正式商用了,许多小伙伴们也有计划把现有的网站迁移到Windows Azure上去。但是国内相关的中文文档还是比较缺乏的,所以今天我就写了个超详细教程来教大家如何把ASP.NET网站部署到Windows Azure上。demo用的网站是带有数据库的,并且最后还会演示如何绑定一个.com域名到网站上。 我写的内容基本都是在Channel9上看来的,并且自己亲自实践过许多次的。大家现在阅读的这个博客就是用同样的方法部署到Windows Azure上的。所以不必担心文章坑爹。我的博客不像国内的许多网站那样,发表的内容都没自己测过,非常没有责任心。 下面进入正题。 1. 部署数据库 首先,假设我们的网站已经开发好了。这是一个带有一个SQL Server数据库的ASP.NET网站。第一步我们要做的,是把数据库部署到Windows Azure上去。 你需要的工具: …
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