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Azure Developer, Microsoft MVP

Azure Blob Storage

Upload File with Progress from Browser to Azure Blob Storage

Recently I am working on an internal OA system for a small company. One of their business requirement is for the users to upload attachments when creating a ticket. Azure Blob Storage is ideal for this scenario. However, the attachments are sized from a few KB to hundreds of MB, so it is necessary to show a progress bar when user upload the files. Let's see how can we easily do it with Azure. …

Azure Azure Blob Storage

Reset Azure Blob Storage Content Type in .NET Core

My blog is using Azure Blob Storage to store images for posts, however, it went wrong these days when I am trying out Azure CDN, the cause is all my images requests are returning incorrect content-type. Let's see how to reset content type for files in Azure Blob Storage via .NET Core. When I uploaded images using the Azure Storage API for .NET, by default, without setting ContentType, which is …

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