Edi Wang

.NET and Azure Developer


Raspberry Pi Surveillance Camera with Linux and Azure

Because Windows 10 IoT Core is not supporting Pi Camera, I can only use Linux instead. These days, I made a surveillance camera, the functionality is simple, when a person passed by the camera, it will take a picture and upload to Microsoft Azure Storage. It also got a website to remotely view the photos. 1. Hardware A PIR Sensor, a Pi Camera, a couple of jump wires. Connect the Singal port of …
Azure IoT Raspberry Pi Linux Python

Uploading PiCamera images to Azure

Recently Windows 10 IoT Core Build 14393 is coming, but still without PiCamera support, WTF. So I can only choose Linux for my project. When I was using Windows, I use C# + Azure SDK to upload photos to Microsoft Azure. So how to do it on Linux? After some research, here's how to do it. My system is Raspbian Linux. First, we need to install Azure SDK in SSH Terminal: sudo pip install --pre azure …
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