Edi Wang

Azure Developer, Microsoft MVP


Create a Private DNS Server without VM on Microsoft Azure

In many companies and organizations, IT administrators typically configure internal private domain names that are inaccessible to the Internet for access to internal resources. For example, if my domain name is edi.wang, I want to use internal.edi.wang for access to the organization's internal resources. We have to install and configure our own DNS server on either Windows or Linux for this in …

Azure DNS

Migrate Domain DNS to Azure

It has been a while since Azure DNS went GA on Azure. It's like "dnspod" in China, offers a third party DNS services besides your domain register. The power of Azure has already been witnessed by the entire human race. Now that, it has got DNS services, it would surly be the best in class DNS on the planet. Thus, what we have to do, is to migrate our DNS servers to Azure DNS. So that your website …

Azure DNS

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