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Fix Azure Linux VM High Memory Usage Because of Microsoft Defender

Recently, my Ubuntu 22.04 VMs are getting unresponsive. From Azure portal, I observe that something quickly eats up all memory on the VM. I'm also difficult to SSH into the VM. After work 996, I finally pinpointed the problem. It is caused by a process named "wdavdaemon", which is Microsoft Dender for Linux. This machine is B1s size and has only 1G memory, MDE is taking 416MB and this …
Azure Linux

How to Run Cloud Init YAML with Azure Bicep when Creating VM

Problem Azure document for "Create an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine using a Bicep file" did not show how to use custom data to run cloud init yaml file when creating VM. After work 996, I finally figured out the undocumented method to run a cloud init yaml file with Azure Bicep. Let's see how to do it. Solution Create a YAML file for cloud init Create a YAML file in the location where your …
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System Fonts on Azure App Service for Linux

In early this year, I am upgrading my Captcha library, the code that renders text on images blow up when running under Azure App Service for Linux. I can tell from the error message that the font I am using is not installed on Azure App Service's hosting machine. To fix this, I need to find out what fonts are there in Azure App Service for Linux. Let's see how to do it. …
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ASP.NET Core 5.0 Throughput Test in Kestrel, IIS, Nginx and Caddy

Starting from version 2.2, ASP.NET Core allow you to use the InProcess mode to improve performance under IIS. Rick Strahl has a detailed article on this. Three years have passed, and now ASP.NET Core has reached version 5.0, how the performance diffs between servers? Let's take a look together. Rick's Test Result In the original article, Rick Strahl tested the performance of ASP.NET Core 2.2 in …

Docker Support for My .NET Core Blog System on Azure

"Moonglade", the open-source blog system used by my blog (https://edi.wang), has been around for over a year. At least four community friends have used the system to deploy their own blogs on Azure and Alibaba Cloud. Unfortunately, the system has long lacked Docker support, which is the political correctness of today's world. Recently things have changed, and I successfully made my blog system run …
Azure Linux Docker

Azure Remote Controlled Light with .NET Core 3.0 on Raspberry Pi

3 years ago, I wrote a blog post "Azure Remote Controlled Light with Windows 10 IoT Core", which is an experiment to sending a signal from your home and it will travel around the world then come back to your home to turn on an LED light on your Raspberry Pi. 3 years later, Windows 10 IoT Core and UWP seem not living so well. Microsoft doesn't have a new build of Windows 10 to support the latest …
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Install Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

In the recent Windows 10 v1709 Fall Creators Update, the Windows subsystem for Linux has been improved a lot. Let's see how easy it is now to install Linux on Windows. 1. Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux Because the classic control panel has been hidden, now the quickest way to access Programs and Features is to run appwiz.cpl And then check "Windows Subsystem for Linux" under "Turn Windows …
Windows Linux

Raspberry Pi Surveillance Camera with Linux and Azure

Because Windows 10 IoT Core is not supporting Pi Camera, I can only use Linux instead. These days, I made a surveillance camera, the functionality is simple, when a person passed by the camera, it will take a picture and upload to Microsoft Azure Storage. It also got a website to remotely view the photos. 1. Hardware A PIR Sensor, a Pi Camera, a couple of jump wires. Connect the Singal port of …
Azure IoT Raspberry Pi Linux Python

Uploading PiCamera images to Azure

Recently Windows 10 IoT Core Build 14393 is coming, but still without PiCamera support, WTF. So I can only choose Linux for my project. When I was using Windows, I use C# + Azure SDK to upload photos to Microsoft Azure. So how to do it on Linux? After some research, here's how to do it. My system is Raspbian Linux. First, we need to install Azure SDK in SSH Terminal: sudo pip install --pre azure …
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