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Microsoft MVP Testimonial: Transforming Lives in the Elite Tech Community

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is a prestigious recognition bestowed by Microsoft to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the technical community. I am honored to have received this award continuously for the past six years. In this article, I will share my understanding of the MVP award and its impact on both myself and the community. …
Microsoft MVP

Solving "npm install" ECONNRESET Error on Azure DevOps

A few months ago, my Angular project on Azure DevOps started to have build failure very often. Error message is "npm ERR! network read ECONNRESET", which indicates npm can't connect to internet. This problem does not happen every time, usually re-run failed jobs several times can produce a good build. But still, this is very annoying. So, I took some time to investigate and solve it. …
Azure DevOps NPM


微软最有价值专家(Microsoft Most Valuable Professional,简称MVP)奖励是微软致力于表彰在技术社区中做出杰出贡献的个人的荣誉称号。我很荣幸地连续获得了这个奖项已经六年。在这篇文章中,我将分享我对MVP奖励的理解,以及这个奖项对我个人和社区的影响。 …
Microsoft MVP

Deploy Public DNS Server on Microsoft Azure

Deploying a public DNS server on Microsoft Azure can be a crucial step for organizations and individuals that want to provide DNS resolution to the public. Deploying a public DNS server on Azure can provide benefits such as scalability, high availability, and global reach. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps involved in deploying a public DNS server on Microsoft Azure. …
Azure DNS

Deploy ChatGPT Next Web to Azure App Service with Individual Account Login in 3 minutes

ChatGPT Next Web is a well-known web UI project for ChatGPT. However, the official repository does not offer a one-click installation option for Azure, and it lacks individual account authentication. We will explore how to deploy it to Azure without creating a VM, add access control to log in to use ChatGPT without any code modification, and complete these tasks within three minutes. …
Azure AI App Service

Setup Hyper-V Server 2019 in My Home PC

I recently bought a HP 800G2 PC for 200 RMB from my company. I decided to use it to host VMs for my tech experiments. Having VMs running in home LAN gives me advantages over remote connection to Azure datacenters, which I would typically use. I ended up installing Hyper-V Server 2019 on the machine and deployed an Ubuntu Server VM and a Windows 10 VM. In this post, I will share the process …
Windows VM Hyper-V

Use Azure Function to Update IP Address in Azure VM NSG Firewall Rule

I have Azure VMs that require being accessed only from 3 IP addresses. Two of these IPs are static, the other is dynamic. Every time the dynamic IP changes, I must manually go to Azure portal and update NSG rules. Because this happens every few days, it makes me work 996. To solve this issue, I created Azure Function to automatically update the NSG rule with a simple HTTP request. …
Azure Azure Function

Fix Azure Linux VM High Memory Usage Because of Microsoft Defender

Recently, my Ubuntu 22.04 VMs are getting unresponsive. From Azure portal, I observe that something quickly eats up all memory on the VM. I'm also difficult to SSH into the VM. After work 996, I finally pinpointed the problem. It is caused by a process named "wdavdaemon", which is Microsoft Dender for Linux. This machine is B1s size and has only 1G memory, MDE is taking 416MB and this …
Azure Linux

How to Run Cloud Init YAML with Azure Bicep when Creating VM

Problem Azure document for "Create an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine using a Bicep file" did not show how to use custom data to run cloud init yaml file when creating VM. After work 996, I finally figured out the undocumented method to run a cloud init yaml file with Azure Bicep. Let's see how to do it. Solution Create a YAML file for cloud init Create a YAML file in the location where your …
Azure VM Linux