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How to Add a Public IPv6 Address to Azure VM

When configuring a new Azure Virtual Machine (VM), you'll notice that it isn't allocated a public IPv6 address automatically. By default, only an IPv4 address is assigned. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of manually adding a public IPv6 address to your Azure VM, ensuring your setup is future-proof and ready to handle the latest internet protocol requirements. …
Azure Network

Test Network Speed Between Azure VMs Using iPerf

When it comes to measuring network speed, you might think of testing the Internet connection speed with the famous speedtest. But in fact, just testing the Internet connection speed is not reliable. In some scenarios, the final Internet speed is also affected by the your infrastructure like the connection to your ISP's server. Therefore, it is very important to know where your network performance …
Azure Network

Windows Phone 8 检查网络状态、打开网络设置

开发WP应用的时候,如果你的应用需要互联网连接,那么检测当前网络是否可用并给出提示是非常必要的。Windows Phone 8 检查网络是否可用的 API如下: System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable() 这个API会检查手机网络或WIFI是否可用,返回bool类型结果。 转到网络设置用的是ConnectionSettingsTask对象,ConnectionSettingsType属性决定了打开的设置页面是哪种连接类型,如果要打开WLAN设置,代码如下: var connectionSettingsTask = new ConnectionSettingsTask { ConnectionSettingsType = ConnectionSettingsType.WiFi }; …
Windows Phone WIFI Network