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2019 年终回顾:不忘初心,负重前行

2019 年就要接近尾声,这一年对于我来说,有许多有意义的事件。我成长了许多,并依然保持着对技术的热情。在辞旧迎新之际,我想回顾一下我这一年中有意义的事件与收获,期待与大家一起在2020年继续成就不凡! 微软 MVP 全球峰会 今年3月,我有幸参加了在美国雷德蒙微软总部举办的MVP全球峰会,这是我第二次去美国,第一次去西雅图。我从小就崇拜比尔·盖茨先生及他创办的伟大的微软公司,而去微软总部参观,可以说是“朝圣”,我儿时的梦想之一终于实现,这次MVP全球峰会总算是拔了颗0x14年的草了。 (图:呼吸着微软总部的空气) 微软总部的园区非常大,需要乘坐 shuttle bus 穿梭于各个大楼之间。我们的会场在 Building 33,即 Microsoft Conference Center。4天的大会日程非常充实,可以了解到还未发布的新功能,也可以大量汲取其他MVP分享自己的技术精髓。 会 …
Azure Microsoft MVP

Azure Remote Controlled Light with .NET Core 3.0 on Raspberry Pi

3 years ago, I wrote a blog post "Azure Remote Controlled Light with Windows 10 IoT Core", which is an experiment to sending a signal from your home and it will travel around the world then come back to your home to turn on an LED light on your Raspberry Pi. 3 years later, Windows 10 IoT Core and UWP seem not living so well. Microsoft doesn't have a new build of Windows 10 to support the latest …
.NET Azure Raspberry Pi Linux

This Blog Now Runs on .NET Core 3.0 and Azure

Microsoft shipped .NET Core 3.0 GA on Sep 23rd with tons of new features and improvements. This blog has been updated to .NET Core 3.0 and still runs on Microsoft Azure with SCD deployment type on App Service. This blog post summarizes all key points for my blog migration. Starting with .NET Core 3.0 preview 8, I've been investigating migration for this blog, from .NET Core 2.2 to .NET Core 3.0. …
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Run Office 97 on iPad with RDS on Microsoft Azure

Apple has been trying to make the iPad as a computer, but it's never as good as a real PC. If you can run PC software on an iPad, such as a full version of Office, that would be an ideal way. The first software I used when I was a kid was Microsoft Word in Office 97, which was the first version to introduce an Office Assistant (Clippy). In honor of Clippy that died at the age of seven, I decided …
Azure Office

How I Built This Blog with Azure Services

My website (https://edi.wang) is an open-source blog system written in .NET Core and runs on Microsoft Azure. This article explains why and how the blog benefits from Azure's services. History of this blog The history of my blog dates to 2003, and the .NET version of the blog was originally built 10 years ago by the ASP.NET 2.0 WebForm VB and Access database and has been gradually maintained and …
Azure DevOps App Service

Build a Simple Matrix Card in .NET

A Matrix Card is typically used in online games for authentication. I built a simple version of a Matrix Card in .NET Core today, let's check it out. How Matrix Card Works This is a typical Matrix Card for the game "World of Warcraft". It has a serial number to bind to the owner's game account, and then use the numbers in the table for validation. Suppose the hacker already knows your account …
.NET Matrix Card

Building a .NET Core URL Forward Service

I recently built a URL forward service named “Link Forwarder” using .NET Core 2.2. It’s open source and currently having a preview version deployed to my subdomain “go.edi.wang”. This article will share how I built it and what I learned. To help you understand the system and walk through the code, please check my GitHub repository for this project: https://github.com/EdiWang/LinkForwarder The …

Build a Pixel Ruler with UWP

In certain applications, we may need an on-screen ruler that indicates pixels on the screen. However, the only built-in ruler in UWP is within the InkToolbar control, we are not able to use it elsewhere. So, I will teach you how to build a pixel ruler which can be used anywhere in your UWP applications. The Demo App Create a new blank UWP application called PixelRulerUwp with minimal runtime …

Migrating Old ASP.NET Applications to .NET Core

More and more people are talking about .NET Core these days. It is true that .NET Core is the future, and .NET Framework will still be maintained because very large number of applications can’t be migrated in a short time. .NET Core and .NET Framework are just like electric cars and gasoline powered cars. Gasoline cars is mature, and you can drive it without any problem, but electric cars have …