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Run Office 97 on iPad with RDS on Microsoft Azure

Apple has been trying to make the iPad as a computer, but it's never as good as a real PC. If you can run PC software on an iPad, such as a full version of Office, that would be an ideal way. The first software I used when I was a kid was Microsoft Word in Office 97, which was the first version to introduce an Office Assistant (Clippy). In honor of Clippy that died at the age of seven, I decided …
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How I Built This Blog with Azure Services

My website (https://edi.wang) is an open-source blog system written in .NET Core and runs on Microsoft Azure. This article explains why and how the blog benefits from Azure's services. History of this blog The history of my blog dates to 2003, and the .NET version of the blog was originally built 10 years ago by the ASP.NET 2.0 WebForm VB and Access database and has been gradually maintained and …
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Run Classic ASP on Windows 10 and Azure App Service

ASP is an old technology of Microsoft that even before .NET was born. I have used ASP 3.0 to create my first personal blog in 2003. Nowadays, it is hard to find ASP web applications still active on the internet. But we can still bring the 1996's classic ASP back to life on today's Windows 10 and even in Azure. Some history ASP and its successor, ASP.NET are completely different. ASP uses the …

Reset Azure Blob Storage Content Type in .NET Core

My blog is using Azure Blob Storage to store images for posts, however, it went wrong these days when I am trying out Azure CDN, the cause is all my images requests are returning incorrect content-type. Let's see how to reset content type for files in Azure Blob Storage via .NET Core. When I uploaded images using the Azure Storage API for .NET, by default, without setting ContentType, which is …
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Fix .NET Core Website Failure After Deployment from Azure DevOps

I met a strange problem recently. After configuring the CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps and automatically deploy to Azure App Services, the. NET Core Website failed to start. Let's see how we can solve this problem. Find the issue First of all, fortunately, this is a staging environment. I found that the site unexpectedly did not log anything, even log directory cannot be found, which is very …
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Fix Azure DevOps TF14045 Error When Deploy to Azure

I encountered an error when I tried to setup CI/CD in Azure DevOps, I tried to deploy a .NET Core application to Azure App Service, but Azure DevOps won't connect to Azure. This is a known issue for Microsoft. Let's see how we can manually set up a connection between Azure DevOps and Azure to work around this issue. First, the error message I met was: Failed to get resource ID for resource type ' …
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Integrate Azure Application Insight Data into Your Own App

Microsoft Azure has a very powerful monitoring tool called Application Insights. It can monitor every aspect of our web application, including client and server metrics, error details, performance and so on. My blog is also using Application Insights, but everytime I want to see the data, I have to go to Azure portal, even for the basic metrics like page views or server response time. I want a …
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Migrate Domain DNS to Azure

It has been a while since Azure DNS went GA on Azure. It's like "dnspod" in China, offers a third party DNS services besides your domain register. The power of Azure has already been witnessed by the entire human race. Now that, it has got DNS services, it would surly be the best in class DNS on the planet. Thus, what we have to do, is to migrate our DNS servers to Azure DNS. So that your website …
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Configure Continuous Delivery for ASP.NET Core Website on Azure

Today I am trying new DevOps tools in VS2017 and Azure, my goal is to automate the process from development to production for an exsiting ASP.NET Core project. I have encountered some issues, and with the help of Microsoft Support, I was able to solve them and share with you guys. First, there are two ways to configure CD for Azure Web Apps. I prefer create a website first, then configure it from …
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